Welcome to the only official web site for the wedding of Allison Moskowitz and Aaron Perlis.  There are many sites that claim to be "official", but you have found the one site that is endorsed by this couple.  Created with the client in mind, this web site will provide you with more pictures than even our parents would want, more information than you'll ever need, the story of  the courting process and engagement  (that page is really for the ladies, for the men, there will be an alternate site entitled "Why a Wedding can be more fun than watching Football").  So sit back, put on some nice music (preferably Barry White) and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to follow the event of Labor Day 2006!


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The Basics


Date: September 3, 2006


Place: Hyatt Regency Bethesda


Time: The ceremony will begin at 5:30 in the evening (we will start on time)



Bridal Party:


Maid of Honor: Beth Meszaros                  Best Men: Roy Perlis & Cliff Perlis

Bridesmaids:                                                 Groomsmen:                                                      

Debbie Gordon                                                  Bill Fitzsimmons

Emily Perlis                                                       Derek Goldstein

Hilary Sacks                                                      Travis Hong    

Whitney Case                                                    Dan Mervis

Hayley Friedman                                       

Brianne Guiliano



Anthony Coombs

Benjamin Sacks

Jeff Miklos




There's a party goin' on right here...


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